Working Today, Building Tomorrow!

Sustainable Development

Our Approach     The Ray Royal Construction Company (RRCC) approach on sustainable development forms part of the company's overall performance objectives and is based on a will to control risks, be they present or future. On the business front, RRCC, which is actively involved in numerous operations in different states in Nigeria, is particularly concerned to comply with good commercial practice vis-ŕ-vis both their clients and their suppliers. As regards social aspects, RRCC's policy is centred on safety, forward-looking jobs and skills management and ensuring equality of opportunity, and involves specialised-workers recruitment approach and subcontracting in its promotion of responsibility.

On the environmental front, RRCC is convinced of the need to adopt a responsible attitude to climate change, assessing each structure by the yardstick of an analysis of its life cycle. This approach makes It possible to allocate responsibility to each actor in the value chain, from the design through the works to the operational stage, and thus reduce environmental impact. It also underlies the company's active participation in its sector's efforts to continue to modernise and acquire more scientific measuring instruments that are neutral and totally reliable. RRCC thinks of tomorrow. We plan and act for the future—for the long-term good of our company, our customers, and our world.