Working Today, Building Tomorrow!

What We Do

Roads Construction & Engineering Since incorporation in 1976, construction has been the essence of Ray Royal's business. With offices in major cities around the country, we have the resources and knowledge to undertake any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise.

We are familiar with construction regulations and labor laws around the industry, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies, private sector players and multi-lateral organizations.

Building Engineering And Services Our full serviced buildings professionals and operations are located across Nigeria, supporting the work on project sites across the nation. This network of construction professionals rises to the challenges associated with our diverse buildings portfolio, bringing added value to every commercial, institutional, educational and residential project.

While we are better known for our larger projects, such as estates, sports facilities, lecture theatres and offices, we also excel at smaller unique projects, such as renovations, restorations and repairs.

Other Services

RRCC Asphalt has a proud heritage of providing products and solutions that have helped to build and maintain our nation's roadways.

Our Abuja Production Yard serves as the primary production source for RRCC asphalt sales in the nations capital.

Asphalt Production & Sales

Delivering Rest of Mind is our Specialty Our Ultra Modern Asphalt Plants, located in Eidenu Irrua, edo State, is one of the largest asphalt producing plants in the nation, offering customers access to supply via our special purpose heat-retaining trucks throughout our supply network.We guarantee our product quality whatever the the distance.We offer a range of products and solutions for both roadways paving and industrial asphalt applications.

At Ray Royal Asphalt, we pride ourselves on delivering the local sales,service and technical support you demand, backed by an industry leadership in the construction sector.

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