Working Today, Building Tomorrow!

What We Do

Roads Construction & Engineering Since incorporation in 1976, construction has been the essence of Ray Royal's business. With offices in major cities around the country, we have the resources and knowledge to undertake any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise.

We are familiar with construction regulations and labor laws around the industry, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies, private sector players and multi-lateral organizations.

Building Engineering And Services Our full serviced buildings professionals and operations are located across Nigeria, supporting the work on project sites across the nation. This network of construction professionals rises to the challenges associated with our diverse buildings portfolio, bringing added value to every commercial, institutional, educational and residential project.

While we are better known for our larger projects, such as estates, sports facilities, lecture theatres and offices, we also excel at smaller unique projects, such as renovations, restorations and repairs.

Other Services

Raw materials are valuable assets: Looking after them is close to our hearts. We take great care in quarrying and processing our first-rate raw materials -Granite; at our various quarry sites in Nigeria.

Stone Production & Quarry Services

Right Size, Right Quantity, Right Price All our quarry and stone products are of the highest quality. Due to our extensive production capacity. We can always produce any size and quantity of stone that best meets your demands.This also allows us to meet future demands should additional orders be required. Superb quality, combined with long experience, allows us to carry out virtually any order and permits innovation of art, mix design and set deadlines.

Our quarries are located in the Ifon region of Ondo state, Giri, Abuja and Abeokuta in Ogun State. We make use of the most modern quarrying methods in the world. Our geologist continually examines the possibilities for continued production in the existing quarries while at the same time investigating potential new sites.

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